Hacked Rental Listings on Facebook

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I'm having a hard time with one of my rental listings on Facebook marketplace and other associated pages.  Someone is spamming my original listing, deterring applicants from responding to the ad.  Is anyone else experiencing this lately? Any suggestions on how to mitigate?

Are they making a direct copy?  Putting a mark on your photos could help.  I've also put in my description the way to apply on our website.  For Craigslist spams, I've also found my posts to work with the inclusion of a statement like "I do not post on Craislist and if found there, do not respond"

They do this all the time to my MLS for-sale properties and anything for lease gets duplicated as well on random sites. None of the companies take them down, it's just a part of the technological aspects (downsides) of real estate online. As long as you have the access blocked with a lockbox it's not really much harm as they usually just ask the person for a deposit over the phone of something ridiculous.