Assessor's Office Income & Expense Requests - MGL 38D Ch. 59

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I'm curious to hear from other Massachusetts landlords that have received notice from their local assessor's office to fill out an income and expense report on your property. In Leominster, I receive these forms every year on all of my properties and I always throw them away. According to the form, MGL Section 38D Chapter 59 requires that I "contribute to the establishment of fair assessments..." and basically they say i have to fill this form out or else...

I have never filled one out. The only drawback I see is that if this form is not filled out I can not appeal the assessment of my property. The form also says that I could be fined $250 for not returning the form.

What do you all think? Does anybody actually fill this form out? I've been doing this for a long time and I've never been fined for not filling it out but in all reality it may be a lack of "manpower" in my local assessors office to follow up and complete the necessary paperwork to issue the fine. I guess any given year they could get their act together and start following up on this.

Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated...

Never gotten anything like that.

Might vary town to town.

I have gotten some stuff from the assessor in Lowell saying I had to make arrangements to let them in for a site inspection for a rental. Not enough hours in the day to care about trying to coordinate a government office with a tenant for something that has the most likely outcome of getting my taxes raised when they see that I fixed the place up pretty nice.

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