Smart Move Tenant Screening

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Any comments on the Smart Move tenant screening offered through Transunion? I am an independent landlord and have two properties that I manage myself. I am interested in the service, just looking for feedback.

I use Smartmove and think it works great. Keep in mind, it's really not tenant screening...just a credit and background check (as well as identity verification). You still need to check references, verify income, etc BEFORE you use Smartmove. Use it as your final step to verify credit score and background before you rent.

That being said, it's a great resource. I have found that in most cases, credit score (along with good references) is a very good indicator of a good tenant. It has saved me from some big mistakes (applicant says they have great credit, no debt...but their credit score is sub 500).

@Travis McDaniel , I'm interested too, especially in the quality of tenants those who've used it now that SmartMove has been out for several months. I'll stay plugged in to this thread and if it doesn't get traction I may ask the tenant satisfaction question in another thread.


@Travis McDaniel and @Mike M. Check out the related discussions in the box below... especially "Do you guys use BP Smart Move for tenant screening?" and a BP search may bring up more info that will answer your questions.

I haven't used Smart Move, but from what I read it won't provide me with the details that I am seeking. I also don't want to wait for a tenant to respond to an email and jump through that hoop. I work with many low income tenants and elderly tenants who don't have an email account. My local tenant screening company provides me with what I need for credit and legal. I do the rental history and income/employment checks myself.

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