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I had an applicant look at my house for rent and applied on the spot. He had a friend with him that spoke better english that actually filled out the application. He said he moved to the US a few years ago but only had 1 year of rental history on the application. I tried to get him to fill in more address history but he kept telling me he lived with family the first couple years in the US but didn't know the address. I eventually gave up trying to convince him he needed more address history and just took the application as is.

Seems odd to not know where you lived. Would you deny an application over this?

Originally posted by @Adam Moehn :

Seems odd to not know where you lived. Would you deny an application over this?


If he was otherwise strong, I would pay the $30 to run his credit, which will give me address history (if he has applied for credit, which he may not have) and more data to chase. If it is not otherwise strong, failing to provide 5 years rental history, regardless of whether you were paying rent or couch surfing, is a reason to put it back on them to provide before you can proceed. I personally do believe that he truly may not know. Or he may be hiding something. Does he have an ID or US documents?

He may have been moving from family member to family member, or in some other transient situation. And if any of his family are not 100% legal in their immigration status he would probably be extremely leery of putting info in writing. Or he could just not be on good terms with them any more and doesn't want to have people calling them about him?

I'm just floating a few ideas about why he may be being evasive; I don't know if I would write someone off due to this or not. I guess it would depend on how the rest of his app checked out.

There is a good chance he only has one-year rental history. I found here in Dallas that illegal? Aliens pay their rent on time because they don't want problems.

Joe Gore

Should know where the family lived - how else would they get home?

As @Michele Fischer notes, credit reports will show address history of past locations where credit applications occurred. But that would require a true SSN and somebody who tried to get credit; somebody new in this country might not have that ...

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