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Hello my bp family, I need help! So I'm going to rent out my childhood home, and it's very very hard for me, so I want to make a smart decision on who I rent my house to. So I want to make a full credit check, any suggestions on a website or app I can use?

@Gabriel Perez If you're concerned about cleanliness/damages you can include quarterly inspections in the contract. I would make the contract very strict and as much pro-landlord as possible. Be upfront with the tenant and let them know you're serious. The only downside is it would probably take longer to get a tenant.

I understand how you feel. It would be very hard to rent my childhood home that my parents are still living in, but at least you are renting and not selling so you can always get the house back. Beef up your home in terms of making it durable. If you haven't done so, get a caulk gun out and redo the sinks, tubs, windows, doors, trim, etc. Do everything you can do make the house durable and tenant proof so the home doesn't deteriorate rapidly.

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