Bad showings as our tenants are filthy

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This really the first time that I ran into this before but we have a great house that we did in 2012 that is showing terribly to prospective tenants as the current tenants are filthy and seem to love clutter.

We normally have no trouble renting our houses (even with tenants in them) but despite over a dozen showings we haven't had any good bites on this one, just a bunch of comments like 'how can people live like this'.

Despite my assurances that the house will be delivered exactly like the photos I sense that people are having a hard time getting past the mess.

Wait till its empty. Cant undue a 1st impression.

I completely agree with James. Unless I had a really clean and cooperative tenant I'd never show it while occupied. I will still place ads but let them know "Showing start on XXXX, Available on XXXX"

Waiting means that we lose the prime rental season, they are out on 8/31.

Just a thought (I have never done this), hire a cleaning service to clean it up no charge to the current tenant (hard to turn down a free house cleaning). This should make it show better.

Personally, I would wait until they are out but if you are concerned about a longer vacancy, it may be worth it to spend ~$200 (this assumes the condition is not beyond just cleaning and neatness).

Though you might think your missing the best rental period, if its a great home then it should not take too long to rent it out even if you have to wait. 

We do put a sign up after tenants give notice, but even if tenants are clean and tidy, I don't want problems with them saying something is missing or broken, and they are usually messy when packing up to move, anyway.  So we schedule viewings after it's vacant.  We have decent homes in good neighborhoods, so vacancy is usually less than 2 weeks.     

Would it be worth a "cash for keys" offer to get them out a month earlier? Then you could get it cleaned up, shown & rented before school starts. Might be worth asking.

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