Landlord Podcast?

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We have only one rental, a single family home. I would love to find a podcast that deals mainly with being a landlord, not investing.  Any suggestions for good ones?

I love this forum, but need a podcast for when I'm not able to sit and read.

@Wendy Kelly Budd  

At the top of the screen where it says "Learn, put your mouse there. Drop down shows up, at the end of it says podcast.

Thank you, I've looked through the podcast titles already and listened to the ones that deal with being a landlord. Most are about investing in property. 

I've searched podcast data bases and found a few, but none so far that deal with only landlord/tenant issues.

Answering my own post, I just found this podcast and really like it. Landlord University from RentPrep.  It deals mostly with Landlord issues, not real estate or investment.

Wendy, I'm so glad to hear you like the podcast! If you ever have any questions or suggestions for topics you'd like us to cover feel free to reach out to me directly, I'm happy to help however I can. 

Stephen, thank you, I will.  You and your co-host helped me so much with deciding which tenant to select during these last 2 weeks.  Using Pocket Cast, I subscribed to your podcast, and I relisten often. 

@Wendy Kelly Budd  Did you check out the BP Podcasts recently? You can find them under the Learn tab under Podcasts.  For BP podcasts with Landlord material, check out these: #83, #79, #78, #62, #51, #48, #36, #35, #08.

Happy Landlording!

Marcia, I loved your podcast.  Yes, I do listen to the ones on BP.  Thank you for listing the show numbers that have landlord material.  I had missed one!

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