Jacksonville, FL tenant eviction

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We are evicting our first tenant. Our property management company is a longtime firm there, and they seem to e doing everything by the book. However, it's taking so much longer than we expected. Process started on April 16 with warnings and then filings, court date wasn't till July, judgment was July 16, sheriff was called as soon as judgment filed but they haven't given us an appointment yet to serve the eviction. Is this timetable normal or abnormally slow? Any insight would be helpful b/c we're just so new at this. We've had properties for 10 years but this is our first eviction, thankfully.

Thanks so much!

Hey Caroline,

It depends on how "difficult" the tenant is being.

If they decide to try and find a way to make the process painful, then this timeline isn't too far off.  It's hard to say without having other details though.  

Hope it finishes quickly!

Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment. Tenant is being difficult in the sense that they didn't just leave after the judgment was handed down against them. Property manager has applied for appointment with sherriff to evict. But it's been since July 16, so 2 full weeks, since sherriff was asked for appointment and nothing has been scheduled.

Is that normal? I have asked my property manager to give me the phone number for the sherriff's office so I can check on the appointment. I'm wondering if my property manager isn't being aggressive enough and I need to get involved.

Or if the process is really this slow and calling will only make me a pest.

Caroline, were you able to get them out?   Did the PM handle the eviction correctly?

Hi David, thanks for checking in. Yes, we were able to get them out. The PM handled the eviction but dropped the ball on timing so it took longer than expected. But they're out!

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