website template for landlords to list rentals?

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Hi All,

I am looking for new advertising tool (preferable free, or up front cost, nothing recurring) to list rentals, take applications, and sign documents.  What is best, modern way to do landlord / tenant business?  I always end up printing out application for lessee's to hand-fill in and return to me.  Would like to have a simple website to list apartments, have them inquire and submit application in fillable PDF or otherwise, and even work legal documents.  Any suggestions?

It's a pain listing on craigslist / zillow over and over and uploading all photos. Would like to list a link to a website with all information.

So, what do you do or how do you recommend set this up?

I just started using Ontap for rental applications. I found it much easier than email a prospective tenant an application for them to hand fill out, scan and email back. And it's free, so you can't beat that. 

Google drive would work well. It allows you to set up forms that you embed in your website and will submit the information to spreadsheets. You can also store files there for tenants to access. 

I would definitely suggest you still post full and informative ads on CL as opposed to telling them "Visit for more information". Anytime I run across an ad like that, especially an ad without pictures, I don't take it seriously and very rarely follow the link. I know it a PITA but it really doesn't take that much longer to upload the pics (They allow you to bulk upload) and you can just renew the ad after a few days.

thanks all.  Yea I always put a CL ad with photos, that's a must.  Just looking to streamline the rest of process I suppose with applicants, leases, etc.  Good idea embedding google drive document.  I will have to try that.

I'm doing some research into Billdium. it looks pretty damn good so far.

A reoccurring cost (which I don't like either), but it's minimal and offers some other management features too. 

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