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Hello everyone,

I was reviewing my first deal and the numbers to see how it has done over the past year. I went into the deal not knowing too much and not assessing how the investment would produce, since I was very new to the concept of buy and hold real estate. I am still no where near being a pro, but I wanted to see what everyone thought. Let me know your thoughts.

Maintenance including gardener: -$1502

Taxes: -$2405.77

Insurance: -$723.00

Mortgage: -$12,156

Vacancy factored in for one month out of the 12:-$1850.00

Gross Income:$22,200

NOI Annually:$3,563.23

NOI Monthly:$296.94

Without more information there is nothing to evaluate here. 

  1. What were you original forecasts? 
  2. How much did you pay? 
  3. How much cash do you have invested? 
  4. What is the amortization on the loan? 
  5. What is your cash on cash return? 
  6. Has the property appreciated? 

Sorry @Ned Carey  , still new to trying to nail down the whole process of running numbers.

$253,332.62 after closing.

$37,050.00 downpayment, which was only 15% split between myself and a partner

30 years

14.92% cash on cash ROI

Unsure about the appreciation. Did not fix it up when it was bought and turned into a rental.

The original forecast was about 8%-9%.

14.92% cash on cash ROI

The original forecast was about 8%-9%.

Those are the number that count. Congratulations you have done very well!

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