Does anyone have a good PM company for central Indiana?

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Family members of mine have a triplex that I may take over. Being about 5 hours from the triplex I would need to hire a PM company. I want a good hands off one that will handle maint, upkeep, and collecting rent. Any one you guys can point me to? 

Is it in Indy...   or..?  

Great question @Ryan Mullin  I meant to put that in there. It is in Muncie Indiana. A little bit of a smaller town. 

Can't help you there...    

From what I have heard, Network Property Services has a pretty good reputation. I think that most of the properties they manage are student rentals around the Ball State campus. Their telephone number is 765.289.7617 (note: I have no connection or direct experience with NPS -- we self manage our 2, soon to be 3, properties).

By the way, where in Muncie is the triplex located?

@Account Closed  I don't know the street address as it's my wife's grandparents property. I know that from what they've told me they are charging way too low for rent and not properly budgeting for repairs. They have actually talked about selling it for years due to the "hassle". Which is why I'm thinking it could easily be turned around and made much more profitable. Plus I know they've done all of the big things it needs. 

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