Hole interior door

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Would you charge tenant for a pre-hung vs. a slab since the new slab won't match the old doorway? 

I would then charge them for the labor & materials (plus administrative fees of $50) for the damage. If it cannot be restored to its original condition then I would dock their SD or charge the rental account.

Of course, that is my interpretation. You should double check the lease to make sure their is no specific language regarding SD and damage charges.

Thanks, they are good tenants and willing to fix it. Just finding out what the norm is since I won't be able to match the door frame since it's an older door. 

A door company can get you a door specific to any jam with the proper very detailed measurements. These include:

door width, hight, swing direction, door thickness, center of knob from top of door, top of door to top of hinges, ... did I miss anything?

Anyway. I like to do this if I need to replace doors but jams and door trim are good condition. 

This may or may not help your situation. Best of luck!

You might check architectural salvage places, Habitat ReStore, etc. if it's a really old door. You may be able to match (or come pretty close) & just get the door, no jamb/casing. Charge for that, plus labor, transport, installation, etc.

I've hung a million (well, it seems like that many!) old doors like that - you might have to do a little planing, etc. but I like to keep the millwork uniform throughout if at all possible.

Your tenants might even be willing to do the legwork to find the door themselves. 

Can you hang a mirror on the door to cover the hole?

Thanks for the great idea! @Wayne G., I could but if it was broken I want it fixed to the state it was before or better. If I start covering up things 5 tenants later my units will look like they've been bombed. 

great idea(s)*

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