Know When to Hold'em

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Greetings Fellow BPers,

Seeking some advise on my 1st buy-hold LL deal.  I know of a deal whose numbers work out like so:

Monthly Income:
Monthly Expenses:
Monthly Cashflow:
Pro Forma Cap Rate:
Total Cash Needed:
Cash on Cash ROI:
Purchase Cap Rate:


(tool sourced:


  • 2 story home, with 50% equity potential (once the repairs complete).
  • Tenants are paying on time for 1+yrs and each have renewed for 10+yrs each time.


  • Needs 10-15k in repairs within the 1st 2years.
  • Home is a SFH currently with two families (one upstairs and one down) using separate entrances and kitchenettes.
  • Legacy agricultural district converted into rural homes, so their neighbors have pigs in their yard, goats, mobile homes, etc...
  • Not entirely sure what the following means, but the seller states the following and wonder if this automatically means I will not be able to get financing from a bank:
    1. "This property will be quick claim deeded to buyer, buyer needs to be a cash buyer. It was a tax deed sale. Ideal owner would be buying to keep it as a rental after 4 years of ownership it automatically has clear title. If not, buyer would have to sue for quiet title in order to resell."

Unsure if the above is a good deal or not.  Having trouble making up my mind on it.  I haven't called a lender yet to see if it's even possible from that standpoint.  

Couple of quick flags:

1. You mention it is a SFH but is built as a double. Check with the town to see if it is zoned for 2 family. Otherwise you may be forced to deconvert it in the future when they find out

2. Sounds rural, not sure about the area, but it might be a lot harder to rent than something in a suburban area if your tenants do move out.  Also probably harder to sell when you want to get out as there won't be as many potential buyers