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Also, in a SFH, what are the pros and cons of removing an ugly carpet? Part of me wants to make a good impression when showing the rental, but at the same time is it worth it?

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Ugly as in a bad color or stained and nasty?  Getting rid of ugly carpet will improve your ability to rent the place.  Bad carpets may result in you having to be below market for your unit.

Carpet is a short term flooring in rentals.  The IRS says flooring lasts five years.  Around here judges think three years is more appropriate.  That means if you try to charge a tenant for damaging carpets that are more than three years old and the tenant takes you to court the judge will rule in favor of the tenant.  Better to eliminate carpets from rentals and use a sturdier form of flooring.   Lots of folks seem to like the Allure vynal planks.  I've not tried them.  I have used laminate in bedrooms and living areas and tile in kitchens and baths.

@Bradford Myatt  

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I'd recommend that when it's time to pull carpet you refinish the hardwoods or lay a vinyl flooring dow. Last much longer than carpet.

I have learned my lesson when it comes to tenants with small children, don't use carpet.  If they are older adults, carpet can be acceptable.

Move away from carpet all together.

@James Wise  

hit the nail. There are so many floating vinyl plank options that cost the same as carpet (professionally install total cost) but come with a 25-year warrantee. A word to the wise.

From a user-experience (tenant) perspective the ease of up keep with FVP is a dream come true.

Thanks everyone.  My inspection is Thursday so I will take one last look before any renovation begins.  

I have an apartment building with all carpeted units. Each apartment is 600 sq ft, take out the kitchen and bathroom sq ft, leaves about 450-500 sq ft of carpeted area. I just replaced it and it cost me just under $1000

I am contemplating using vinly planks but haven't weighed out the cost. A lot of the carpets (older) have cigarette burns, worn down and need to go upon tenant move outs.

I am looking for a durable, affordable option.... looks as if you all are suggesting a "hard wood" implementation.

Any ideas on what it would cost me upon replacement of carpet to vinyl planks?

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