Garage lease??????

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What kind of lease to I need to have to rent a garage. Obviously I should not use my lease I use for a house. I never rented out a garage. Its $120 a month

How does it work with a garage do you get 3 months upfront like a rental property or any kind of other deposits in case they destroy it? How does the lease work then, anyone would be willing to share theirs for just a garage. Guess not much point in screening them for a garage?


We rented garages to the tenants of a multifamily so we appended them to the lease but it is a separate agreement. We made payments in 6 month increments and no additional security deposit,  it does say we will use their apartment security for the damage to the garage.  I started with my regular lease and left intact a number of lease clauses. including late fees, occupancy (only for the tenants use), no smoking, no modification,  no repair work,  lease void if  the building is damaged, not responsible for their damages they must get rental insurance. I also put in that there were no utilities (there is no electric in the building).  I would not screen them figuring it is more like a storage unit agreement. I also added towing as a reimbursable cost along with attorney fees if they abandoned the property. Hope that helps.

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