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Am I allowed to charge a pet fee for renting my house?  What are your thoughts on allowing pets?  What is a good fee to charge for pets if any?

It is sometimes very hard to find tenants who don't  have a pet. I usually try to avoid it as much as I can but it depends on your market and potential tenants. I usually charge an additional  $ 50/month for a pet with a stipulation sometimes they have to have a professional clean the HVAC ductwork upon leaving (Pet hair). I cannot charge any further pet deposit in NJ as I max out at 1.5 months security deposit and you are not allowed to go over that even if they have a pet. I try to stay away from any big pets as they can do alot of damage. 

Hi @Kinjal A.  ,

I personally don't allow any pets in my units, without exception.  But if you do then you should absolutely charge a non-refundable pet fee.  I recommend charging the cost of a professional cleaning service to clean the entire apartment (this could run about $400+).

As @Mark Langdon  correctly noted, large pets do large damage.  Please use good judgement.

Good luck and Happy Investing,


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