Cost to attend HOA Meetings

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I have a noisy tenant with a sensitive neighbor that just can't seem to get along. The neighbor keeps complaining to the HOA and I get called into board meetings. The problem is that I live 50 miles from the property now. I have already been to the board meetings four times this year and just got called in to go again.

The lease is coming up and I wanted to know if it would be reasonable to include a clause requesting my tenant pay for my time and travel costs to attend these meetings.  If anyone has some similar language they've included in their lease, that would also be appreciated.

sell the property to your tenant and have it out of your hands. or get a new tenant.

Owners are responsible for following CC&R's (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions), excepting unreasonable or illegal clauses, which means their tenants must comply with the CC&R's too. Ideally, you should make the CC&R's an attachment to the lease and be sure the tenant understands that when the rental begins. You could say something like: "tenant is responsible for HOA fines incurred due to violations of CC&R's (see attached pamphlet). In addition, any expenses incurred by the owner as a result of a violation caused by the tenant will reimbursed to the owner".

I have a property in an HOA. The lease states they must be "good neighbors" in some language I can't recall at the moment. It also states they are responsible for all HOA violations. I provide a binder with all the info enclosed.

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