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Hi all, I'm up to 6 tenants in Pasco County, Fl and with a full time job, I'm starting to think I need some help. I've done everything - property manager, remodeler, lawns (I just outsourced lawns a few months back), and break \ fix. I did a lot of work up front in updating, and fixing (new water heaters, faucets, plumbing valves, switches, etc) so do not get a huge number of calls, sometimes a couple of months go by, but then I may get 2 calls in a week which is not what I'm looking to do after a full time job. 

Anyone have any local Pasco references? It won't be steady work obviously, so I'd need someone who is flexible. I hired a couple of CL handymen, but was not overly impressed with some things. One cost me money, time and problems fixing a leaking faucet, so I'm gun shy a bit with anyone who isn't vouched by someone... 

Any suggestions? I want to get more rentals, but need to square this process away before I can take much more. I think. 

Thanks Jeremy, I realize that's definitely a issue with the CL route, so still looking for any suggestions for the area.

New year, and still no handyman references in Tampa \ Pasco???

Yes;  there are very few apparently. <g>

Do you know of any?

I guess so!!! I used one that I found on Craigslist but he was OK. He was reasonable, and did good at painting, but not so much on other tasks I used him for....

@Jesse O.  - I have a guy I use for all of my rehabs and all of the properties I manage. I will send you a PM and see what kind of things you are looking to have done. I like this guy and I like the work he does and continue to use him for everything I need. I am hoping to bring him onto my staff as a full time guy once my business can support that. 

same for you @Stephen S.  , if you need a referral you can PM me. This guy lives in NPR himself so Pasco is definitely in his area. 

Go to Home Depot or Lowes at 6:30 in the morning.  The contractors/handymen there at that time actually work.  Might be a good place to scoop one up.  

@Bryan N.  Thanks for the tip, I've actually done that for general labor before, but a bit scared for something I need to come out well, how do you know they know what they claim? Have you used a trade like that before? I'm also a bit scared of liability from those guys....

@Jesse O.  

I'm not scared.  If they are up that early then most likely they are honest hard working people.  As with anything and contracting... It's a gamble.  I cruised HD a couple weeks ago looking for someone to skim the drywall in a rental.  $300 and done.  He did such a good job, I put his number in my iPhone.  Now, for full on rehabs, that requires a little homework.  But, if I'm in that situation I do as much as I personally can or hand off to someone I trust. 

WOW, ok so you gave him an important job. I'll reconsider that again then... Thanks for the tip!

Just sent you a private message with a guy I've used recently.  Did good work for the price.

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