Eviction Help in South Jersey.

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Happy Holidays BP,

I am dealing with a terrible tenant. Long story short I must evict. I am trying to find out if anybody has any suggestions for lawyers or eviction companies to use. I could do it myself but I do not want to go to court and have to miss work.

The property is in a condo in Lindenwold, NJ (South Jersey).

If you know of anybody that can help in the area let me know.


Hi Greg, my eviction attorney in Trenton could probably recommend someone for you in your area. PM me for his contact info. Definitely use an attorney that specializes in landlord/tenant law, not DUIs, adoptions, or divorce. An inept lawyer can cost you far more than a bad tenant. 

@Aly L Thanks, I will DM you now. I tried checking around South Jersey but I only saw companies in Philadelphia that did not service here.

Let's say an eviction costs $1500 just for our example. Once you serve the pay or quit to start the eviction process lets say for this example, your house will be occupied for a minimum of 30 more days by non paying tenants. So, lost rent 1500 (hypothetical) + 1500 for eviction. You're looking at 3k. Sweet talk the tenant into taking 500 bucks to pack up and leave in 2 weeks otherwise they get an eviction on their record which will end up costing them a lot in the future blah blah, kinda scare them sweetly.

It may irk you to give them 500 after they haven't paid rent but the value is in your favor to buy them out.

Hey Greg, I have been told Matthew A. Zabel in Maple Shade, NJ is very inexpensive and effective.  I just purchased a duplex, and the previous owner used him to serve a tenant. They were out within a month.  If you decide to use him please let me know how it works out.  Either way, best of luck!!


@Angelo Behar I agree. I may exercise this option. The only thing I hate about that is that the tenant moves on and the next landlord does not know the problems that he or she will get because the eviction won't be on their report.

But like I said I still might do this option.

Find out the cost before offering the tenant anything.   Around here $500 would be the high end.

@Mathew Gunkel Thanks, I will definitely check him out. I just do not feel like missing work and going to Camden and sitting around for hours. I will contact your guy tomorrow. I found a lawyer in Franklinville, NJ and he wants $750. I will see what your guy says, thanks.

Greg, No problem.  Just an fyi...I was told Zabel charges around $300-$350.  


My attorney charges $300 and that covers one court visit. If they have to go back (if the tenant appeals), it may be another $100. We've had 2 evictions, and the tenants were out as fast as legally possible, 4 weeks and 8 weeks. The 8 week eviction fell over the Labor Day holiday, so that set everything back. The 4 week eviction was likely so fast because the tenant's power was shut off several days after the court ruling. 

If you go cash for keys, start with $300 or so, and know your maximum. See how they respond.

@Jon Holdman   I agree. I think that is my max. I appreciate the input.

ok, thanks!

@Aly L

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