Pet peeve - ads for PM companies that don't reveal the names of principal or contacts

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I was just reminded of a pet peeve of mine : ads or letters for PM's, or any small company for that matter, that give no indication of the individuals in charge.

I just received a letter today from a PM company looking for business.  But neither the letter nor their websites indicates the name of the owner/principal, company manger, point of contact or anyone.  Only listing the first name I think is weak, but this company does not even do that.

I expect this from hacks who claim they are PM's on craigslist, but a professional PM I expect them to state who they are in their company literature.

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@Dan C.  - This is a tactic that many companies employ when they don't want you to know who is in charge.  You'll find a TON of sites in the real estate investing space that do it because the site is owned/run by a guru.

I'm ALWAYS very hesitant when there is no easy way to know who is behind a website or business as well.

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