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Hello BPers, 

Im hoping some of you lovely people can help me. I'm a tenant and my 2 year lease is expiring on the 9th of January 2015. A month ago the property manager/owners of the company agreed to a 6 month lease and emailed it over, unfortunately, I wasn't able to print it out it was never signed . We asked this week in person to get a new lease and the gentleman told us that we'd have to come back next week cause the workers weren't in to "print out the lease" (is what we were told). Today we receive a notice in the mail from the property management company/ owner dated December 29th 2014 informing us that they have decided to sell and that our lease will not be renewed, which again is expiring in 9 days ? 

It is my understanding, that landlords have to give 30 or 60 day notice that they are not renewing lease ? Can someone please elaborate on this and let me know what our options are. Id like to keep this as civil as possible, however I would prefer not to be homeless. Any help is appreciated, thank you. 

I am not familiar with NJ law, but do think they need to give more notice of their intent to not renew.  Since they were talking to you about extending it, seems like they should give you more time to get out.  If I were you, I would read two things.  First, your lease, to see how it addresses the end of the lease period and how it addresses notices to end the contract.  Many leases convert to month to month without notices on either side.  Second, I would find your tenant-landlord law and read the clauses that relate to this topic.  Once you know how the lease and the law reads, you will be in a better position to work out a solution that is most beneficial.  Maybe you can offer to stay in it during the listing and sale process at a reduced rental rate to offset the disruption and uncertainty, since it will sit empty until closing once you move out, costing the owner money.

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