Looks like the "fun" of being a landlord has started!

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I am going out tonight to check on a dishwasher. We have a tenant in the process of moving in who says the dishwasher isn't working. Yay! Honestly I'm not super worried. Worst case scenario I am replacing it which is 150-200.00

@Ryan Dossey  they are cheap to replace and will be a nice gesture for the new tenant. That said make sure the Garbage Disposal is working and not clogged as they usually are tied together. Best of Luck,

"fun" only occurs when you get a 2am phone call, or the dreaded "HVAC" call.

I am about useless at this point when it comes to doing repairs myself. (trying to learn more every day.) I can't tell if it's the dishwasher or the circuit. DW doesn't appear to be getting power. No lights come on. I would kick myself if I bought a new one and it was an electrical issue. This is a new rental to me and my first tenant in this home. Debating who I call here??

Was a little irritated that she didn't follow the procedure (call my business line and leave a VM which I will return.) and instead called my cell (for emergency issues that don't require Police, EMS, or Fire) during dinner. However I own another rental in the area that she just sent a prospective tenant over to me on so I can't be too mad. 

yeah hvac calls are the best... as far as your dishwasher goes, replace it with another cabinet and a $1.50 plastic dish rack.  That way you don't have to worry about fixing it ever again.

How old is the dishwasher?  If it's older I'd just replace it.  They're cheap and don't last a long time so it's often no worth repairing older dishwashers.  I'd get you off to a good start with the new tenant too.

Appliance calls are no big deal.  My least favorite call is the "the roof is leaking."  

@Patrick L.  That sounds TERRIBLE. I haven't had that one yet but dread the day. I think you're right we should just put a new one in there. Cost is minimal. 

I would start by plugging in a lamp or something to make sure it isn't electrical, before you spend the money. If it is electrical, try the GFIs and the breaker box. You may not need a new dishwasher after all.

The six million dollar question is... Did it work when you bought it?  If so, it's not electrical unless the breaker tripped or is bad.  

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