Different Online Renter Screening Products

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Hi everyone.

I know there are a bunch of threads regarding screening services. I was just looking around and wanted to give a bit of a list for those that want the options and will look into the services:


BP has an agreement with SmartMove here. It should save $5 per application. My local REI group has a similar agreement with SmartMove and it was rated well by those I've asked. I have not used any of the providers, though I just signed up for SmartMove and will begin using them for a vacancy coming up next month.

Hopefully this helps someone when they start looking to do their own management. If not, I suppose the thread will wither away into the far reaches of the Internets, where even electrons fear to go...



I use Buildium for my business and they have an integrated tenant screening system. I dont remember exactly but I think they charge around $13 per applicant and I charge a $20 application fee per person. I really like Buildium and if your not yet using property management software Id highly recommend you check out Buildium

Hi James,

Thanks for the advice. I haven't yet started looking for property management software since I only have 3 units. Are there any recommendations for that? At the minute it's easy to keep everything sorted but over the next 1-2 years I anticipate adding 5 more units and may start wanting a better way to manage them.

Integration with a screening software will be a big thing I'd like to be ready for.



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