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Where can I find a legal lease agreement

@Alan Deveau you should try to find one that fits your state. Each state has different rules and you need to comply. If someone doesn't have one here that you can use, try networking at a local REIA. In most cases they should have one floating around which will be good for your area.

@Alan Deveau  , since the lease is a legal contract, it may be best to ask a real estate attorney for their recommended template, since it would contain all the necessary language for your state.

I got mine from a successful property manager, and made my own changes to fit my property. I then had my attorney review it (it didn't cost much) and he gave me a list of things that needed changed or added, to comply with current local laws.

Your lease may need to be reviewed periodically if laws change.

the easiest way is to ask someone in your local REIA or a property management company- that's free.

In the biggerpockets perks page there is a company that claims to have state-specific legal forms, including leases. If you go that route, I would still have it reviewed by a real estate attorney in your state.

Who do you use to screen your tenants? Often - even for landloards with smaller portfolios the screening service you use will provide leases for your specific state. Screening your tenants before hand is imperative and really, cost efficient. 

I'd start with On-Site, I've worked with them on a large and small scale and feel comfortable recommending them. 

You can also do a simple google search "online tenant screening" (or ' landlord screening services')

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