How to deal with someone who is using our property address and pictures to post advertising on Trulia?

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Hi there,

Someone is using our property address and pictures to post advertising on Trulia, which resulted in the same property address with 2 different rent and the confusions. One of tenants found this situation and asked to check it out. See below links. The top link is deceptive advertising and the bottom is genuine.

Please suggest that how to report this deception to Trulia and what kind of legal actions I should take to protect ourselves.

Thank you,


There is an option on Trulia to "edit home facts" that will allow you to identify yourself as the homeowner and go from there to get the post removed. However I noticed that post on trulia came from postlets- if you listed it on their website when looking for a tenant it may not have expired yet and could still be feeding into trulias website.

Thank you, Lisa!

The easiest thing to do (because attorneys unfairly trade stress for money) is to call the person who stole your images and ask him nicely to stop so you do not have to devote a bunch of your time exposing their hustle.

If you want to play with them a bit first, tell them you would like to arrange a showing of the beautiful mustard colored $1000/mo rental and see what steps they offer you.  That process may lead to the discovery of something larger - like taking applications and credit check fees for a home they are not authorized to represent == FRAUD. 

If that's the case, and I suspect it may be, then many different agencies would readily become involved. For example:  or the department of real estate. Perhaps even the FBI if they aren't living California.

They appear to have other listings NY, NV:

So it could be something FBI would interested in, once you have more information.

I assume this is probably them as well:

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the advice. 

After I reported the deceptive ads with Trulia, Trulia immediately replied that the link

was removed. However, it is not true because the link still works. Therefore, I am going to report this possible fraud to department of real estate and other government agencies.

Thank you again.

Also, post your info. in the window of the home, so if one of their prospective tenants go to look at the property, they'll see your info.

Thank you for the advice, Wayne!

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