Rental Home Inspections

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Hi Steve,

This depends on your opinion of the quality of your tenant. Minimum would be every 6 months but quarterly is better.

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Derek Dombeck

About every 6 months. And, I call it a "Maintenance Check". Seems less invasive that way.

All of my rentals are within 10 minutes or so from my house. So I do drive-bys frequently.

We try to do three months after move in and then annually.  I keep a "last inside" date on a spreadsheet to remind myself how long it's been; the date will get updated if we are there for another purpose and get access to most of the property and do not have concerns. Agree that we focus on the maintenance aspect, but getting in periodically helps us to understand what costs and time we will need at move out when the time comes.

We have tried all variations of different date ranges. We've  found that doing them between month six and  month nine seems to be the best way to see  how the tenant is actually treating the property. 

What we do is we actually have a third-party assessment company come out to inspect the home. They charge very inexpensive rates and they give a full professional report to the owner about 20 to 30 pages documenting everything in the property. They do a much better and thorough job then our Maint techs can do for this type of role. We feel it's a bit of a conflict of interest if we were to go in find all these things need to be fixed in our maintenance technicians and oh by the way we will dispatch our guy to do these things. We negotiated volume pricing for our clients and do not uncharge so they get a great deal and very professional team handling their investment .  I feel by doing this it's a little bit better for the owner.

The information we get based on this assessment is our determining factor or one of our determining factors whether or not we are going to renew that tenants lease

with 15 of them..  not often enough 

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