Snow removal and lawn care

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To my fellow Wisconsinites with all the snow this year, we are reconsidering our policy on snow removal and yard maintenance.

Do you guys maintain your yards snow and grass?

Do you average it into the rent or bill as needed?

If you bill how do you get the money? If you have a bad winter snow removal could be more then the rent.

Thanks in advanced

I have my tenants as responsible for snow removal and lawn care t all of my properties. I will provide some equipment and salt depending on the property and tenant. It sounds like you want to hire out he work and then bill the tenants. You will have to have this written into the lease and agreed to by the tenants. As a tenant, I would not be all about that as you could bill out quite a bit. It might accept a monthly set fee but not an open checkbook.

Thanks @Kyle Hipp  

 Yes, I would offer the snow removal when I renew there lease. In a multiple unit property there has to be an agreement between tenants to shovel. If one person is doing all the work the other will complain. 

My thoughts would be to average the cost into the rent so:

snow $30 per storm X 20 storms = 600 dollars -- these are guess not actual

lawn $30 cuts times 10 cuts = 300 -- these are guess not actual

Total $900 / 12 months equals $75 dollars more a month. divide that by 2 tenants is 37.50 a piece. The issues with this approach is, what if only one agrees, or do I force the issue. I have also read some other post and there seems to be some legal concerns with people getting hurt. 

In single family homes the tenant takes care of these things but in multifamily buildings it's the landlord that takes care of it.  Could you just raise their rent and tell them you're going to start paying to have it done.  They might like this solution.

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