Multifamily Common Area Electricity

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Dear BP Landlords,

I own some multifamily RE. I have some trouble lately, where my tenants don't turn off the light in the common area in the hallway or basemen after they stop using it. 

Do you ever run into this problem? If so, can you share your solution with me? I am envisioning some switch or light control that would time out if it is on more than certain xx minutes. Do you know of any product?

Thank you ahead.


Are you sure you want the lights turned off in common area hallways? That would make the building seem pretty creepy and I'm sure it would negatively impact the tenants' desire to live there.

If you're talking about areas like a laundry room or storage area, that's a different story. I've attached a link for the product that I see most. A lot of businesses use it in restrooms. The light turns on when someone enters the room, and then turns off when there's no activity for a certain amount of minutes.

If it is a hallway and you want to ensure enough light for safety, you could consider an LED light fixture - the type that has the bulb protected so it can't be stolen. Uses so little energy and does such an important job. Could leave it on all the time. 

For storage/laundry areas you could install a timer like they do for the lockers at the big storage facilities.

LED lights are great cut the bill way way down. Also using motion detectors is another good idea.

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