New deck bid $6900

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Bought a house in September 2014 and rented it with clean-up and paint etc. There is a large deck in the back.

In the house $162,500 and it rents for $1325; a dollar a sf.

At first glance the back yard deck looks like it has a few rotten boards but the framing undercarriage seems ok.

It has been suggested (non contractor) to recover with new boards which is a significant expense.

The contractor bid includes totally demolishing the deck and starting over.

Thinking that the undercarriage is old and has had lots of water, we are in Portland, OR after all, it seems starting over from scratch is the way to go.

Have had bad luck with handymen lately. Wouldn't mind doing as much as possible myself but not that smart when it comes to carpentry.

Any ideas?

yes get a labor price and material most people that do deck can give you a sq foot price if you get the supplies your self you will take some of the mark up  on the deck and just be paying for labor only if you are not afraid to take the debris away your self you can save some more. by doing this you can save about 20%that 1400 not bad for one day all you did was order the supples and have it deliver to the job site and at the end of the job remove the debris your self . We do also of decks so that will save you some  money.

Thanks, good idea @Almed Potter.

@Jeff S.  

  do you have to replace the deck.. how about stairs down then a concrete patio?

Desks as you know here in the NW are maintenance heavy.. you can use the trek type decking but cost is very high.. I use trex on new builds  and buyers love them.. but price points are higher of course

The plan @Jay Hinrichs  was to rent it for a couple to 5 years then do a bigger rehab and significantly raise the rent or sell, 

Probably should do the Trex but probably 10k. It would kill  my return unless raise rent a $100. Tenant plans to stay 2-5 yrs.

It is in Shadow Woods in Aloha, a relatively nice community.

Was hoping to squeeze out a couple years out of the deck but...

Thinking a concrete pad would ruin it for the tenant already there. Happy tenants, happy life IMO.

@Jeff S.  

Remove the deck yourself if you can.  That's the part they hate and charge the most for.  You and a friend (offer beer) can remove it in a couple of hours.  Skill saw, sledgehammer, hammer, and gloves = done son!!! 

You can also replace the bad boards (skill saw, screws, screw gun) and use an exterior paint over the whole surface.  It will hold up for a few years.  

Good thought. Kind of enjoy demo, done my share @Bryan N.  . It is occupied with 4 young boys though. It would have to be a fast one. Already had insurance cancel me once on this.

@Jay Hinrichs  thinking now about using the Trex and shrinking the deck that is currently a large multi-level. What size is good for 300k properties that would make a new buyer happy? Thinking long term hold with resale always a possibility. Think rental market turns sour before resales turn downward and when that happens this place will go up for sale.

We do 10 X 10  maybe 10x15 if you want to go larger

Thank you @Jay Hinrichs  that is good to know.  Now if we can just get another couple of years out of this hot market we will all be good.

@Jeff S.  

  we let everyone concentrate on the mid west while we have our little pond to ourselves

its amazing how little play Portland gets and how solid it is

@Jay Hinrichs  had a deck/fence guy suggest using concrete instead of a wood deck. I about fell over. He said that was what he is doing at his place.

Something else he said was in a rental, or anywhere for that matter, a deck will start looking bad really quickly; even composite can be damaged. So much for doing a deck now to rent for 2 years then sell.

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