Property Management Annual Check Up

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Do any of you landlords do an annual property maintenance call? 2014 was the year of exploding water heaters. Just curious if anyone has a regular routine they do every year?


  • Check water heater
  • Check all skins for leaks
  • Check all toilets
  • Change batteries on CO2 and smoke alarm
  • Inspect A/C
  • Change out air filters

Has being proactive helped you save money in the long run. I'm seriously thinking of buying a new water heater every time I buy a new rental. What a year!

Property Maintenance Inspections.... every three months for some properties, every six months for others. That's what we prefer to do. However, no less than once a year. We advise the tenant that we will do this by also stating this in the rental agreement. We negotiate with the tenant for the best date and time. We also give them the proper legal notice to enter. We ask the tenant to review their rental agreement ahead of time and remind them of their responsibility to take care of the place. We often see a scurry of action to spiff up the place before we arrive and that is good. The more often this happens the better. We charge for tenant damages as they occur or as we discover them. Being proactive pays in the long run. Absolutely.

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