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I'm contemplating trying to get access to the MLS to both post a rental for lease and to research other properties to purchase. The realtors I've contacted typically charge 1/2 a month's rent for advertisement on MLS (about $500). I've found places online that will post for me, for about $200, but I can't verify that it is my local MLS.

I do know someone who keeps their license "active" but isn't an active realtor and have broached the topic of letting me get access under her name/account but have not heard back yet.

So, do you think I should pay to get on the MLS?

The reason I'm asking is that in my rural area it is extremely cheap to buy.  So the only folks looking to rent are those with poor credit scores, good credit transient folks, or section 8.  I've done section 8 so far and just for kicks want to try a regular joe with good credit.  I could've rented several times to section 8 or non-section 8 with bad scores (400s).  The only good credit tenants I've find have ended up renting elsewhere (at ~20-30% higher rates)  I seem to be having trouble finding a good lower middle class renter.  Also, I know its early in "the season", so I'm not sure if the lack of traffic is just due to the time of year or if it truly is a lack of advertising.


I would put it on Postlets and Rentlinx, either of these have tools to help you put it on Craigslist. With those 3 you will automatically be list on at least a dozen For Rent websites, if not more. I always do that first and if its not filled within a week or so then I put it on MLS. Renters don't generally think about MLS or but they do use all of the others.

@Amy E. do people rent off the MLS in your area? Here the MLS is not used for rentals. In other areas that is the only place people rent from. You have to know your market. Don't assume that the MLS is better. Really the only way to check is to post there. If it works then the $500 is the cost of doing business in your area. Most MLS's are locked down so non-re agents can't hack them. The best way is to get your license then you can do it for yourself.

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