Need a Commercial lawyer!

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Hi BP - I am getting screwed every which way, I currently own a business not the property and am in need of a commercial lawyer. My business is in Georgia, cobb county area so I would prefer, if anyone can recommend a good lawyer, within the metro area.  

My landlord is selling the property and the new owner is pretty much screwing me in buying out me lease. I just want to have my lease agreement evaluated because it does not state anywhere about the property being sold and the end result of my lease. So I need a lawyer who understands GA law - since GA law is more in favor of the lessee and not the lessor. 

I have been stuck here in this business for the past six months with a buyer in hand, ready to by my business and not the property, but my landlord has had his own agenda. He wants to sell his property and let the new owner buy me out. Three months back the prospect owner and I fixed a sale price (verbally), not in writing and today he wants to offer me a lower offer. I just want to find out if there is some action I can take against my current landlord.


Paul Singh

Hi @Paul Singh

Sorry to hear about your situation. I will PM you a contact for Lawyer. He may be able to assist you or point you in the right direction. 

Good Luck


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