Property Manager accessing property without notification?

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I manage my own properties but a friend of mine who is more hands off uses a property manager who is also a part time realtor.  My understanding is the property manager "makes a round" every two weeks to his properties.  Tenants would call his PM about issues and he would come by to look at the issues every other week, except for emergency situations.

Two of the long term tenants have my friend's direct number from way back before his PM was hired.

Last week he got a call from one of his long time tenants, she said she was not home, but when she came home the bathroom stunk.  She asked her neighbors and that was the day his PM made his rounds, she had no issues so there was no need for him to enter her unit.  She believes that he entered her unit and did a #2 in her bathroom.  When my friend asked his PM he said he went into each unit to inspect the conditions which includes turning on faucets and flushing the toilets so yes some times he would use the facilities.

Is this unusual?  I think it is.  I never enter my tenants' units except in emergency or pre-arranged ahead of time and even then I don't go in to take a shower or use the toilet whether they are present or not.

The PM should never have entered the dwelling without proper notice and should never have used the tenant's toilet. This is unacceptable behavior and he should be held accountable.

Most leases state that 24 hour notice must be provide for entrance. So depending on your state and the lease, its probably against the law!

Also not knowing what "type" of rentals every 2 weeks seems a bit ridiculous to "check on a tenant" but I work with higher renatl class.

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