NC Lease Agreements for new properties which are currently rented.

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We are closing on our first rental properties at the beginning of next month, all in NC.  One is a duplex and the other is a house.  All are currently rented on a month to month basis and have been for 4+ months.  All of the renters have been there for 1 to 2 years.  

We have a copy of the old lease agreement but it was from a real estate management company.  We are planning on managing the properties.  Should we talk to our lawyer about a new lease agreement?  Or would it be ok to get one offline?...Where is the best place to get an editable Lease agreement?

Any advice or recommended articles for someone starting out would be appreciated.

Thank you for the information in advance,


I suggest getting one from a realtor, it's already state specific and the local realtors board has their own attorneys draft those so they work.

Thank you for the info.  I will contact my realtor.

If there's a local apartment association, you can join it and use their contracts and forms, too.

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