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Hi everyone - thanks for the great info on this board. 

I've currently got a tenant in a SFH and we have been using a property management company for the past year. For the upcoming year, the tenant will be signing a lease directly as we have found we more often than not just communicated directly which rendered the property management services not necessary.

Does anyone have a Maryland lease they would be willing to share that they have been using, or can anyone point to one online that they are happy with?


I use legal zoom and than just add to it! Feel free to pm me and I can send you an link to the post where I put everything with I add to it (take it with a grain a salt as i own in 3 states but not Maryland.

That being said be careful bc every county has different rules!

NA NAI know you are in a different county but if you check out the Montgomery County (MD) website for Landlord/Tenant relations there is a sample lease as well as a lot of other info related to Landlording.

I use the standard Montgomery County lease for my properties in both Montgomery County and Frederick County (With a few small edits for Frederick)

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