Sample Rental Contract in Oklahoma

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on Bigger Pockets.  Our first rental is ready and on the market.  Does anyone have an application sample and a contract sample that I can use for Oklahoma?  I have posted the house on Zillow.  The rental is in Muskogee.

The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission has a ton of paperwork to use. The public can find it at 

That was very helpful.  Thank you!

I have used ezLandlord in the past and believe it will let you go through all the parts and give you some ideas without paying.

However, I would suggest you find a lawyer to build it for you.

I now use property management and think that is another plus when starting out to learn a much as you can from them.

i agree on the orec site.  while not perfect their contract is pretty good.  lots of good resources there.  also make sure you are covered on lead based paint if the house is older.

Yes good point.  I had not thought of the lead paint until I reviewed that website.  I will need to give them that info even though the house has been repainted, and to just be on the safe side. 

I think the property management route is also a good tool, we might do that with our next rental to learn as much as we can.  I am showing it tomorrow to a couple of people and going to use the application on the website.

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