Property Management

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To be considered a property manager, what are the general qualifications?  Do you have to become licensed?  

If one were to decline hiring a property manager, are there any property management courses a landlord could take to self manage successfully?  

do not know what the rules are in NJ but in most states, you need a license to manage as a third part (ie for a fee). Additionally most states also have insurance and other requirements. Contact your state real estate commision for more info.

How about for self education if you want to self manage your properties as a landlord rather than contracting a property manager?  Is there any course work you can take?  IREM has some course work.  Has anyone ever used them?

Here is a good list to check out by state -

I can't think of a single state that requires a license to manage your own properties, though.  The above is just if you manage properties for other people.  I don't know of any courses not designed for real estate agents, but Mr. Landlord is a great source, and I would check out the books on the BP reading list that are written for landlords.

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