Rural Properties and Alternate Income

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I'm considering purchasing a rural home on a few acres.  There is an existing 40x60 shop with large bay doors.  I would like to rent the home out, split the shop into 2-4 storage units rent these, and I am also considering paving or leveling / gravel fill a small area with a secure fence for boat / RV storage. The land is zoned residential.  Does anyone have any insight on this?  I'm not sure if it is allowed in residentially zoned areas, or if this even matters.  Thanks for your insight!

In Illinois it would have to be rezoned but i would be careful that the house tenants weren't too close to the storage facilities as it might make them feel infringed upon and be eager to move. just a thought

Thanks for the insight Jeff.  I guess my main concern has been the zoning, but tenant hassle is a good point.  A secondary entrance would help that, but I think I will bite the bullet and find the county zoning laws.   

Look into the differences in how the laws differ between renting residential housing and renting storage units. Sounds like a good property. Wish we had that much storage space available at one of our properties... for our own use! :-)