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I have a question for you all....

I have a rental that had a bunch of work that needed to be done, and I specifically told my management company to have the repair company do all the work except one line item so I could get a quote for that elsewhere since their price seemed very high for this.  That line item of work was not initially done, while everything else was, and I paid them.  About two weeks later, they just went out and did the work anyhow, without my approval and are now sending me a bill for their services.  I didn't want them to do this work, and I voiced this, so now I feel sort of backed into a corner...  I'm guessing someone made a mistake somewhere, and they weren't purposefully trying to pull one over, but I'm still pretty angry about this.  Any thoughts on ways to deal with this?



Seems like a  miscommunication problem. Maybe talk to your MC to see what the problem was, maybe having all of the repairs on the same work order caused the confusion and only verbally addressing the fact you didn't want that item done. Next time, be sure to create a new work order, with the revisions to avoid confusion (i.e. leaving out the line item you didn't want done) and from now on create a policy that all work orders need your signature to be approved.  

Since it appears to be an honest mistake on their part, and you were planning to have the work done anyway, I'm guessing you're willing to pay them - just not the high price they charged you. I think a good compromise might be to get 2-3 estimates for the work (if you haven't already) and show those to the management company and see if you can come to an agreement where you pay a reduced amount that is more in line with what the other companies you were going to use would have charged you. 

Thanks Uriel, I actually had an agreement with them to approve all work prior, and have my emails to back me up.  Thanks for the input.

Kyle, yes, spot on.  I wasn't opposed to the work, but even the management company said it was a high price...  I think that is a great idea on a compromise.  Thanks!