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I have an issue with my property manager(she also the owner of the property management company). I don’t want to pay penalty if I early terminate my contract. Where I can complain? Any advice? I lived in Dallas.  Thanks.

Not a lot of information to go on. Why do you want to terminate early? Have they breached the contract? Does the agreement include an early termination fee? 

She is not responding my email & phone call. She told me only ‘emergency’. Their office hours (M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and close on weekend) so No phone call & No email after they close. I just found out recently after I did the internet search the other property management company doing. She never send me the inspection report since she managed my house 2 years so I requested the inspection report all of her respond were“inspect the property at such time as BROKER deems necessary” It does not say I’m obligated to give you a report. …’ or ‘The house looks good!’. Even on the contract #8 Inspections; written reports(periodic, ...)' or on her email ‘We usually schedule inspection 6-7 months after move-in'.

Yes.. it is early terminate fee ‘' ... There is a cancelation clause; which equals 85% of the remaining lease contract.' 


Have a lawyer look at the contract and then make a call to discuss it with her.  I don't know enough about contract law for my opinion to mean much, but if it says you are entitled to a written report, and she refuses to give one, then the lawyer should help.  It will cost you some money, but it will be more efficient than trying to deal with it on your own.  Just a phone call from the lawyer mentioning the part of the contract you feel she hasn't followed through on might scare her straight. 

It sounds like she is in breach of the agreement. Is the house local for you so that you could inspect it yourself? Is she licensed? Would it be worth a complaint to her licensing agency?

Thanks for your respond. Yes she is licensed and got all these certificates (ABR, BPOR, CRB, CRS, GRI, SRES). Someone referred me the Texas Housing Crisis Center. They have workshop for landlord and I will go over there to get help.

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