rental payments as directly

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I have been in the background on BP trying to learn all I could absorb for our investing.  We are now under contract for our first rental property and have tenants in place that will be moving out 3-4 days after we close.  The current owner didn't use a formal walk through check list, but said he looked for clean when tenants vacated. There is a lease in place that starts 10 days after the current lease expires and I want to be sure to start out on the right "foot" with the tenants.  I'm hoping some can share or tell us from your experience any items that are crucial to include on the following:

List for tenants departing,  check list for cleaning etc.

Walk through check list new tenant.

Hand out to educate new renters for what is expected, rent. 

Thank you all for your help!

Congrats.!! I wish you Well .! Keep up the good Work . A great rule Of thump is to take pictures of how the actual house look like when they are moving in and to sign walk through sheet so later no problems arises with maintenance issues .