Drywood termites: spot trt vs fumigation?

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Hey guys! We have two contradicting reports on dry wood termite infestation at our quad in San Diego. One pest company recommends fumigation, the other recommends spot treatment and option to pay 400$/year for re-treatment with company's right to modify price after 2 years). How do I make an informed decision on which recommendation to go with? Thanks! Edita

I have a couple multis in San Diego and think about termite tenting as a regular maintenance item that needs to happen every 7 to 10 years. I go direct to a fumigation company (not a pest control company) and would expect between $1000-$1500 for a typical box style quad.

The biggest problem is that any tenants have to (a) prep their food and pets and (b) go somewhere else for a 2 days.  It takes coordination work compared to spot treatment.  This is one of the items I go over at movein with all my leases so they're not surprised.  I end up crediting 3 days of rent to each tenant.

I know intimately and first hand the expense termites cause - I'm not interested in any latent termite activity whatsoever.

I'd love to hear from a termite expert who could assure that spot treatments would be appropriate.

$400/year to treat is a business move to get recurring revenue.  No way I'd sign up for that.

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Just curious, how much are the repairs besides the fume or local treat?

 Termite repairs can be very expensive if you let the termite company do them, but you can mitigate the cost if you do them yourself or have a general contractor do them for you. A couple years ago we found extensive damage to a corner of a house we were remodeling. I believe my GC charged me about $1,500 to have the below repair done. It could have been much much more if the circumstances were different but we had were replacing exterior wood with stucco and redoing the bath when we found this mess.

Bruce M.

 That is uggggly lol. I generally don't trust most termite companies but I would say you definitely had termites haha.

There are companies that I wouldn't let work on a dog house let alone a house that I own. I have found Mike G. @ Payne Pest Management to be super reliable, honest with their reports and quality work & relatively inexpensive on repairs and fumigations.