Need your advice on damaged rental property

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The timber frames and carpet around the bathroom entrance are damaged caused by the leakage from the showers. Since the shower booth has no door on it and literally is right next to the entrance, residual water along the surface eventually wets the frames and the carpet just outside the bathroom. Because of this I have installed a curtain and a bathmat but still doesn’t help much. Please consider the following factors:

1. I made formal writing with a condition photo of the damaged area as soon as I found this out to the agent and made them aware. However they replied that this is a common issue in the whole apartment therefore nothing could be done about it at that present time and just told me to be more cautious (So here they pretty much accepts the inevitable nature of the issue I believe?). This took place few months ago and the condition pretty much stays the same now or a bit worse as the parts are continuously getting damaged but slowly.

2. Despite the very efforts made (I believe that I have done everything that I possible could as a tenant to installing the curtain and bathmat with my own cost for a specific purpose, and informing the agent whatever necessary for further action to be taken if needed) this is a structural dampness that caused the damage and the essential nature of having the shower which inevitably made the leak leading to the damage would not constitute a negligent nor irresponsible act from my perspective. As a matter of fact so that the leak doesn't go as bad, I have this new habit of lowering down the showerhead as much as possible having my body very close to the wall which is very discomforting every time I take the showers...

Considering these factors would I be made responsible for the costs to get this fixed? Just recently an agent came over and had this looked and took some photos to be seen by the landlord. A little worried now…Kind advice would be very appreciated.

Hi Phil,

You reported the problem, that's great!  

Save your report and photo in case they try to charge you.  

Since they took no action to correct the problem and stated, "this is a common issue in the whole apartment", I would believe the Judge would call it "normal wear and tear".

I would think an easy and affordable fix would be for the landlord to install shower doors to protect their investment and prevent further damage.  That's up to them.

The nice thing about being a renter, at your convenience, you can always move to a nicer place at sometimes a less expensive monthly rent.

In the mean time, a simple preventative measure could be to wipe down the area with an old towel after showering.  I think that would greatly reduce further damage and prevent mold while your living there.