Just closed on a double- current tenants already a problem

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Hi Everyone,

I am VERY new to all of this.  We just purchased a double and my daughter will be renting the upstairs.  We closed a couple days ago and the current tenants were month to month with the last owner.  They are refusing to speak with us.  We never got their contact information or keys to their unit... ugh.  I left them a copy of the new lease to sign and they will not respond.  This is turning into a nightmare.  How do I get them out?  Do I start the eviction process? 

Thank you,


I assume they paid July rent ? If yes, no you can't evict a tenant because they haven't answered you in a couple of days.  Did you or the previous owner notify them of the change in ownership?

If they are month to month , consult the terms of your lease but you should be able to give them a 30 day notice to terminate the lease that you inherited 

First take a deep breath an realize that this may likely take more time than you had expected. That is okay. One thing I recommend doing right away is giving the tenants, in writing, a notice of non renewal. It is probably either 30 days or 60 depending on your lease. Tape it to their doors if you have to, and take a time stamped photograph when you do.

Thanks to you both!  We did give them a notice of non-renewal for 30 days.  Hopefully they go peacefully without damaging the apartment in any way.  They are in violation of the month-to-month lease because it states that there are only supposed to be 2 people living in the space, and thy have 6.  They are also taking up all of the allotted parking spaces in the garage and the driveway.  This will be the next hurdle when my daughter moves in this weekend. 

@Nicole McKinley please read their current rental agreement carefully. I assume you got a copy when yo bought the property. Also the amount of notice needed is sometimes governed by state law regardless of what the lease states. Also some states have specific language that is required in notices. You should consult a local attorney that specializes and landlord tenant law.

Some states also have violations for the number of people you are allowed to have residing in a unit... I would take pictures of the cars, or anything else similar that would help your case?

@Nicole McKinley you may also want to consult your occupany terms in your lease.  Typically it should reflect language that states any guest staying over x amount of days must be screened and added to the lease agreement.  This may be an opportunity to file as a lease violation.  I would also consider any holdover language in the lease should they decide not to move after being served with the appropriate non renewal notice.

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