My Property Mangers don't care

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My property manager rented my unit to two kids that do not work and have no rental history. They went ahead with the lease based on the parents being co-signers. They did not talk to me about any of this before accepting the money and making a final commitment. Tenants were here 60 days and have been asked to leave. The long and short of the problem is it became a party house for teenagers. Today they moved out and I got possession back. I suspected and can now verify tenants used my unit as an illegal pot grow, which explains why there were 10 to 20 visitors every day. The place is a disgusting mess now. During the past 60 days, I made several complaints to the PM but they would not act on any of them. They are siding against me with regard to restoring the unit back to the way it was prior tenants moving in. They do not want to admit they placed bad tenants. They are against me and I want to fire them and take over all the final paper work of the move-out and security deposit. I have a new Property Manager on board to help me with the proper paper work etc. How do I fire them and get all the exhausting paper work and money transferred into my name?

I provide a beautiful place for people to live, fresh, bright, clean, warm and welcoming. This was a nightmare. Please advise me. 

Thank you all

So sorry it was meant to say "How do I fire them and get all the 'EXISTING' paper work and money transferred into my name?

The landlord has a right to the paperwork (lease agreement etc,) I would simply request that they agree to mutually terminate the PM contract. This would free you of financial responsibility and release them as you manager. I would def try to resolve things peaceably but If they don't you might have to give a yelp review or if you feel they were negligent threaten them with taking them to the dept of real estate. Usually, the simple mention of the dept of real estate will get them to cooperate. JMO....

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