ATTENTION LANDLORDS: 1 year old electrocuted by exposed AC wires

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Over the Summer, a one year old in Addis, LA (Baton Rouge metro area) died from electrocution. Apparently, there was a missing cover on an exterior AC unit that exposed high voltage wiring (240 to 440 Volts). Residents at the complex stated that the cover has been missing for over a year.

In case you’re thinking that this is some type of slumlord, here is some information that may prove otherwise. The property is managed by a statewide Louisiana Realty, who happens to be the largest in Baton Rouge, and has a large market share in the New Orleans market. This company has been in business since 1916. It is reported to have over 1000 employees.

This complex was investigated by the Louisiana State Fire Marshall a few days later and the 48 unit complex had 140 violations and had till the end of the business day of the inspection to correct said violations or it would have been issued a Cease and Desist order.

So, who is managing your property manager? Do you have some type of yearly inspection process?

As a landlord, I have found and corrected many dangerous situations. It is imperative that we provide safe housing for our residents, even sacrificing profit to do so.

Here is a picture of the AC unit:

Link to story:

1 Year Old Died from Execution

Link to State Fire Marshall’s Inspection:

State Fire Marshall Finds 140 Violations

another reason as owners or property managers that we have to visit and pay attention to our properties.  I think we all have seen our fair share of neglect properties. Not to say this was a neglect property, but its very easy to miss stuff if you stop visiting.

David S.  

Davis S. I like the way you called it 240 instead of 220 volts because that is what it is. People say 110 volts 115 volts or 220 volts but if you stick a meter in the socket it will always say 120 volts or 240 volts (unless something is seriously wrong). 

A wall socket is limited to 15 amps of current, It only takes 100 miliamps (a thousandth of an amp) passing through your heart to kill you. Therefore any time you mess around near any live electricity keep one hand behind your back. If you grab a hold of a wire with one hand it will shock the crap out of you but not near as much current will pass through your heart as it would it you grabbed it with both hands.

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