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I got a quote from my property management company for cutting grass/weed wack and blow for 65$ and they want to do it 3x per month.  This seems crazy to me.  I'm up in Northern Va and pay $40 every two weeks.  Surely someone out there is getting a better rate.  I wanted to check in on bigger pockets before going to get quotes.

My property is in the 23225 zip and the lot size is 7,900sqft

Does anyone have a good lawn company they work with?

thanks for any advice.

@Elizabeth O.

You might want to try this new startup in Richmond called It is a matchmaking service for homeowners/landlords and lawn care companies. I've used it once for my personal residence and was pleased. Lawn care providers bid on your job once you submit your request of what is needed. 

Not sure what the prevailing rate in your area is, but that seems very high to me. 

I have a company that does the same thing for $25 and they come every two weeks, which seems adequate.

Whenever I need a new contractor I turn to I've always had good luck with them and received good service at fair prices.

@Brad M. @Fred Heller

Thank you both for your comments.  I got quotes from lawn4me and thumbtack.  Better response from thumbtack.  I ended up using a guy on bigger pockets who reached out to me.  

He did a great job at a very reasonable price.  So if anyone is in need in Richmond I can recommend them.