Looking for a Property Manager in Orange County CA

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We are looking for a property manager in Orange County CA to manage 4 unit apartment building, 4 condos and 1 SFR in Fullerton, Rowland Heights, Buena Park, and La Habra. We have just started managing my father in laws portfolio and the first property manager that we used is a dud. While he has collected and raised rents and got new leases from all of the tenants during the first 3 months (rents were way under market and had not been raised in over 5 years), he is not returning phone calls and has been very slow with some of the repairs that have been needed in these units. We have had one vacancy that needed work and has been ready to rent since late June and the PM is just not getting it rented or communicating with us. We definitely need a PM for the properties as both my wife and I have more than full time commitments.

I would recommend Terence Ahlgren at American Eagle.

I would recommend Terence Ahlgren at American Eagle. You can reach him at 714-773-4007

@Manolo D. thanks for the mention =]

@Dave Hansen I'd be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs. I'll PM you tomorrow with more details regarding our company, as I don't want to violate any self-promotion rules here on the forums.

Thanks @Danny Bower for the referral.  I will call Terrence.  Also @Kelly O'Quinn please send me information about your company.

Why do you need a property manager if you live so close? Tenant turn over shouldn't be very often in OC. 

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