Hey bigger pockets board haven't been as active on here as I planned since I got my real estate license, have focused on getting accustomed at my company. Glad to say I am liking it and have been in contact with a diverse set of clients. One that I have been having some hard time finding apartments to show/rent to has been those that are working and receiving a rent subsidy. I was contacted by a director of social services at an office that is looking to get families into apartments that would be accepting the subsidy. If there any landlords/property managers with places really anywhere in NYC that take tenants with rent subsidies please get in contact with me!!! I came into this business to help people so that is what I am looking to do. Send me a message and we can speak about it.

For those who this wouldn't apply to I'd still like to get in contact with as I am getting many different leads on potential renters. Would love to be able to bring them to a bigger pockets forum members property. Let me know. Hope to speak to many of you soon.