dead tree next to power line

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One of my homes has a power line going directly from the street pole to the house and yesterday the tenant informed me that one of the trees looked dead and could blow onto the power line going through my yard. The thing is that the tree is in my yard not in the right of way. Who would be responsiable for removing the tree? Any experience?

If it looks dead I would go ahead and remove it! We just had a tree fall over on our truck and it was a total loss. Thank goodness it didn't hit the house.

Get estimates for the tree to be cut. Then craigslist the wood for free haul off.

Just my 2 cents.

search tree on the forums for more advice!

If you are with FPL they won't touch, I have had this battle with them many times. Unfortunately the law is on their side and you just have to deal with it yourself (hire a licensed tree company).

The power company will only trim trees in the right of way and even then the PA  power company at one house i owned cut down half an elm-right down the middle...  It generally cost more the more dead the tree is because it the tree rots and they need to do more safety wise.  Tree trimmers will know how close they can go to the lines.

In my area of the world, the power company takes care of the trees. If that isn't the case in FL, then absolutely hire a licensed, bonded, insured and all the other stuff they could possibly be, to remove the tree. If the power company won't remove it, you can bet they will charge you for the repair of the lines if it damages them...